‘Indifference’ to the impact of privatisation

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DECISIONS: Mike Baird’s government has been accused of not listening to the people of NSW on a number of issues including the greyhound ban and the light rail in Newcastle.
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HUBRIS,arrogance, indifference …all terms I thinkthe Baird government encapsulates in their ideological pursuit of privatising and downsizing their responsibilities.

Mr Baird assures those affected by the forced closure of the greyhound racing industry of “fair and generous” compensation. Meanwhile, it emerges that dozens of Sydney home owners have been denied precisely that in order that the WestConnex motorway proceed.

Regarding Newcastle’s light rail his government insists on taking the significantly more costly route down Hunter Street despite internal advice to the contrary. No valid explanation is even offered.

I understand the Port of Newcastle is effectively sold off with strings attached to ensure it cannot compete with Port Botany in container cargo handling. We find out well after the event.

And now, without warning or consultation, we discover they are seriously exploring the option of privatising two stunning quality Sport and Recreation facilities at Myuna Bay and Point Wolstoncroft.

Hubris, arrogance, indifference … in spades.

John Buckley,FloravilleThinking carefullyONE can only imagine the difficulty faced by those such as Blaise Harris (‘Hunter transgender teacher’s department fight’Herald南京夜网419论坛, 25/08) as they navigate life.

Gender dysphoria in mature adults is one thing –but when it comes to children we would do well to tread cautiously.

Over 80 per centof people who experienced gender dysphoria as children or teenagers will, by their mid-20s, accept the sex they were born to and go on to lead a normal life as a man or woman.

This is especially true if they don’t suffer from medical intervention –intervention that carries dangerous side-effects, and for which I have grave doubts about a child’s ability to give informed consent.

Those who choose gender reassignment surgery do not fare so well – the suicide rate post-surgery is over 20 times that of the general population, and much higher than those with gender dysphoria who have not gone down the medical path.

Despite the best of intentions, people seeking to promote and reinforce the imaginary notion of “gender fluidity” in children do so at great peril.

Scott Hillard,New LambtonSupport for teacherIT’Sdisgraceful to hear about the allegedtreatment of Blaise Harris due to her gender transition (‘Hunter transgender teacher’s department fight’Herald南京夜网419论坛, 25/08).

Every worker has the right to feel safe and accepted, free from discrimination and bullying.Kids are some of the most accepting people you’ll meet.When LGBTI Australians, in particular trans people, experience disproportionate rates of mental illness, self-harm and suicide, then the rest of the population, employers and the wider community has a duty to address this through education, tolerance and inclusivity.Good on Blaise for sharing her story.

Nick Rippon,NewcastleLong-term voucher planI’VEmanaged to accrue $3.90 under the current Woolworths rewards scheme.So I was interested to read that they are doing a revamp. On inquiring at my local Woolies I was advised that under the new scheme I would earn 1 point for every dollar I spent. However I would need to earn 2000 points to get a $10 voucher.

I can only assume, given my limited budget, I may be able to achieve that $10 in about two years.

Ann Ellis,MerewetherHeroes of VietnamIN reply to the letter by Ross Edmondsabout respect for objectors (Letters, 22/8): Having served as a national serviceman in ’68-’70 and undertaking atour of duty in Vietnam in the Army where I saw action as a machine gunner in an infantry platoon, Ibelieve he cannot be further from the truth.

We were doing what was asked of us by the thengovernment and each memberof the ADF believed we were acting correctly for the people ofSouth Vietnam who were being persecuted by the North. I would not call theobjectors heroes.

Finishing his rant with Lest We Forget is for veterans a total insult to every man and woman who has pulled on the uniform of this country.The term Lest We Forgetis used in every service held by the ADF or ex-ADF when giving a serviceor at the passing of a past member of the ADF.

You can be thankful you live in a free country.

Ron Mitcherson,TorontoPerspective on profitTHERE has been a lot of discussion about the profits banks are making. Well, to put this into perspective, take one of the larger banks as an example.I understandits “capital worth” – the number of shares multiplied by their price – is around $140 billion.

If one is in business, one wouldwant to make at least 15 per cent profit, which is $21 billion. Now, let’s be more conservative andsay 10 per cent profit, which is $14 billion.

Now this bank made under $10 billion. I believethat, for investment purposes, this is not performing to market expectations. Maybe there are other issues with the banks that need to be addressed, but, as regards to the “huge” profits,I believe the banks are under-performing when you examinetheir capital worth compared to their profit.

John Alterator,LornF35 a versatilechoiceJOHN Lambkin (Letters, 24/8) reports that a rumour is circulating that the US Air Force will not be buying the F35a. This information is difficult to reconcile as I understandthe F35a is already in service with the USAF and that at least one F35a squadron has already achieved operational capability, that is it is ready to go to war if required.

I understand the US Marine Corps’ version of this aircraft, the F35b, is also in service and ready for war.

The F22, which MrLambkin was justifiably impressed by, is not designed for the same role as the F35a. It is a specialised air superiority fighter with only a limited ground attack capability. Only huge air forces like the USAF can afford such specialised aircraft. The rest of us need something more versatile such as the F35. Incidentally, the F22 is no longer in production and the US long ago decided that it would not be available for export.

Ian Roach,New Lambton

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