Dasilva to appeal murder conviction

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“Mum will also miss being a grandmama,” Amanda Carter’s daughter Jamie, third from left, said in her victim impact statement. Photo: James Brickwood
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A REAL estate agent whobludgeoned his ex-fiance to death while she was lying in her bed,leaving her almost unrecognisable,is set to appeal his murder conviction.

Ricardo Francis Herman Dasilva, 66,wasfound guilty by a jury in Juneof beating his former partnerAmanda Carterto death in her Central Coast home in May 2010.

At a sentencing hearing in theNSW Supreme Court on Thursdayit was revealed thatDasilva, who pleaded not guilty andclaimed he fell asleep watchingtelevision on the night of the murder, had lodged a notion of intention to appeal the verdict.

Victim impact statementswritten by two of Ms Carter’s children and her husband,who she had separated from five years before her death,were also read out during the hearing.

Ms Carter’s youngest child, Jamie Carter,said she was the one whodiscovered her mother’s body and had to call her soccer coach to explain why they would miss the game that morning.

The statement, which Jamie and her brother Shaun wrote together, described how Ms Carter was a caring and warm mother who loved playing soccer and had always wanted to be called “grandmama”.

Ricardo Francis Herman Dasilva.

“Mum will also miss being able to form a bond and watch her grandchildren grow and will miss being agrandmama,” the statement said.

Ms Carter’s husband and the father of herchildren,Howard Carter,said they had shared 35 years of friendship and he found being a parent difficult without her.

“Mandy and I were good friends we loved our children and together intended to support them for the restof our lives,” Mr Carter said.

“I am still suffering, the children are suffering…our lives changed forever on that day.”

Dasilva’sdefence barristerAlissaMoen​told Justice Ian Harrison that indetermining whatsentence to impose he should accept it could notbe proven that herclient had held the intention to harm his estranged partner for a long time.

“[Your honour] would not be able to find beyond reasonable doubtthat whatever theintent was that accompanied the attack upon the deceased, whateverthestateofmind was,was in place in effect any longer than say 24 hours before the episode,” MsMoensaid.

MsMoenalsosaid Justice Harrison should takeinto account how older offenders are treated inprison and that it was likely anysentence imposed on her client would be “tantamount to a real life sentence” given his age.

The Crown’s case was thatDasilvabashed Ms Carter, who taught maths at Wyong High School,several times in the headwith an unknown weapon while she was lying in her bed, possibly asleep.

Anautopsyfound there was no obvious evidence of a struggle, and that Ms Carter was “covered neatly by a quilt and tucked along the sides of the body”.

Italsoappeared thatDasilvatried to burn the housedown after the attack, with police discovering afrypan half full of olive oil onthestovenext to a hot plate that was “radiating significant heat”.

The case against Dasilvawas circumstantial,with no murder weapon, no relevant DNA or eye witnesses to the murder.

But the four-and-a-halfweek trial heard of Ms Carter’s concerns aboutDasilva’sconduct after the relationship started to break down in 2009, including an email she sent to a friend saying “Richardseems to have gone past the non-accepting stage and is entering the angry stage.”

Ms Carter’s daughter Erin gave evidence thatDasilva”relentlessly” contacted her mother,accessedher social media accountsand on more than oneoccasionwas found in her houseuninvitedafter they broke up.

The jury also heardevidence Dasilvasent letters to a number of media outlets, falsely accusing Ms Carter of having an affair with a student.

No date has yet been set for the hearing ofDasilva’sappeal.

He is due to be sentenced on September 20.

– Sydney Morning Herald

Gold medal haul

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A big haul: Our Special Olympic ten pin bowlers have returned from competition with a big haul of medals. Photo: Ivan Sajko.SPECIAL Olympic athletes have returned from competition with a medal haul as big as their smiles.
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Last weekend, 28 athletes with disabilities from the Mid North Coast attended the Special Olympics State Ten Pin Bowling Tournament in Campbelltown.

The team iscomprised of 21 Port Macquarie bowlers, four Forster bowlers and three Taree bowlers.

They train at Port Macquarie Wave Bowl once a week, every week.

Each have a disability, whether it be cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental delay or a combination of all.

Between them, they secured nine gold medals, nine silver medals and two bronze medals in the singles.

In the doubles, they won four gold, three silver and two bronze medals for a total haul of 29.

It is an outstanding result according to coach Ralph Mueller.

“It’s the best result we’ve had since I’ve been involved with them,” he said.

“It shows we’re on the right track to improve our bowlers and to help them achieve their goals, particularly those who want to progress on to higher levels.”

Those higher levels include the 2018 National Games to be held in Adelaide.

Bowlers who win gold are able to be selected for the national team, putting the Mid North Coast in prime position to have several athletes represented in two years’ time.

Mueller said some of the bowlers recorded new personal bests during the tournament.

“Jason Holley bowled 212, Matthew Brown scored our highest for the day with 215, while Renee Lewin bowled 172, which is now her new personal best,” he said.

He said that he is extremely proud of his team for performing under what can be trying circumstances.

“They surprised me and exceeded my expectations,” he said.

“Itcan be tough to settle them down before competition.I try to relax them andkeep them focused. They all did a tremendous job.”

Mueller wanted tothank all of thevolunteerswho travelled with the team.

“The volunteersgive up their time and their work to help these athletes and now it has paid off,” he said.

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Producers divided over electronic sheep tagsPoll

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From January 1, all sheep and goats born in Victoria will require an electronic identification tag.A STATE government plan to introduce mandatory electronic ear tagging for sheep has dividedWimmera farmers.
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From January 1,all sheep and goats born in Victoria will require an electronic identification tag.

Brimpaen farmer Luke Dunn said the electronic tags could cost him up to $7000each year.

“The tags costs somewhere between 50c and $1 for each lamb and we produce 7000 lambs a year,” he said.

“At this stage it looks like the government will subsides the cost for the first year, but I would like to see that become ongoing.

“I can see the benefit of the tags in our breeding ewe lambs, but is only1000 out of our 7000 sheep –the other 6000 areslaughtered withinfive to 10 months, so I can’t see the point of that extra cost.

“Saleyards and farmers will also have to pay for the infrastructure to read the tags.”Mr Dunn said while the tags would help with a major disease outbreak,he would like to see Victoria hold off on the requirements until a national scheme was in place.

Horsham Regional Livestock Exchange chairman David Grimble said it was inevitable that the tags would become mandatory.

Hesaid saleyards would have to consider how they would manage the changes.

“Livestock will have to be scanned either upon entry or exit to the yards and when there are large numbers, we will have to look at the logistics of it,” he said.

“But we will work through that and it will eventually be business as usual.”Mr Grimble said the cost of the tags should lessen over time.

“Producers are using electronic tags now in smaller numbers, but ifeveryone has to use themthen they will become cheaper,” he said.

Rupanyup farmer andSunnydale White SuffolkStud principal Andrew Weidemann said he already used electronic tagging as a management tool.

He said the change could lead to better livestock prices for producers.

“Being traceable is a bigpart of the market and it gives people confidence in the products, which can lead to good prices forthe long term,” he said.

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State chronic care trial site

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Tasmania will serve as a trial site for a federal government initiative aimed at improving outcomes for people living with chronic conditions.
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The Health Care Homes program will see a general practice or Aboriginal Medical Service operate as a healthcare hub tocoordinate care for people managing chronic and complex conditions.

Eligible patients will be given a tailored care plan across primary and acute settings aimed at keeping them out of hospital.

Services will be delivered from July next year until mid-2019.

Primary Health Tasmania chief executive Phil Edmondson said it was pleasing to see Tasmania included among the 10 Primary Health Network areas chosen for the trial.

Almost one-fifth of Tasmanians live with three or more chronic health conditions, 16 per cent of the population is older than 65 and 19 per cent of the state receives rent assistance from the government.

“We have high rates of chronic disease and an ageing population against a backdrop of significant socioeconomic disadvantage,” Mr Edmondson said.

“Our significant direct involvement in programs aimed at better coordinating and connecting care for Tasmanianswith chronic conditions – and our ongoing engagement with health care providers through those programs – givesus a good grounding for understanding what’s involved in supporting roll-out of new models of care locally.”

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has welcomed the trial but said the $120 million investment represented a shuffling of healthcare expenditure.

“This is in reality $21 million from the Practice Incentive Program re-directed to infrastructure, training and evaluation, and $90 million of funding for some MBS chronic disease management items being cashed out of Medicare,” college president Frank R Jones said.

“In reality, the practices involved in the trial across Australia will be expected to provide more services, with the same amount of funding.

“In order to succeed, the trial must be properly resourced to support GPs and their teams to take on even more responsibility and to keep people out of hospital.”

Expressions of interest will open late this year asking practices to become Health Care Homes.

Up to 65,000 patients are expected to benefit nationally.

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Drive for more books

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Essential Reading: Riverstone Public School students Jake Sawtell, Hayley Sawtell, Evie Zarka and Callum Zarka are hoping successful crowdfunding will rejuvenate their school library. A crowdfunding campaign is just days away from closing and members of the public are urged to help RiverstonePublic School reach its $10,000 target.The schoollaunched the crowdfunding campaign to regenerate the schoollibraryafter severe water damage and apest infestation through the school.
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Riverstone Public School principal Kylie Becker saidthe lack of resources is affecting the students significantly.

“Resources have gone towards fixing the plumbing and cabling –a lot of things the children cannot see,” she said.

“This has left little for the school to buy new books.

So far the school has raised close to $3000 –well below the $10,000 target.Teachers at the school have been out in the community every afternoon promoting the cause.

“We have had to be creative and really think outside the box,” Mrs Becker said.

“All the teachers are 110% behind the cause.”

Dymocks Children’s Charities has thrown its support behind the school through aLibrary Regeneration Program tomatch any money raised by the community.

If the school meets its crowdfunding target, it willget up to $20,000 worth ofbrand new books to fill its shelves.

Dymocks Children’s Charities general managerPaul Swain said the charity’svision is to provide resources to kids whowill benefit them most.

“Our vision is to change kidslives one book at a time,” he said.

Mr Swain said it was difficult for schools without adequate resources to participate in important programs such as the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

He said his company will provide the school with a list of books to choose to stock up its shelves.This way the school teachers get to choose the most appropriate books for the children.

“We have some resources for the Premier’s Reading Challenge but not enough,” Mrs Becker said.

“Students have to wait for their friends to return books so they can borrow and read them.”

“We are encouraging the school to help themselves and then we will give them a leg up,” Mr Swain said.

Donations: chuffed.org/project/books-for-riverstone-public. Deadline: Friday, September 2.

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Be vocal over violence

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Keep trying: “The fear of harm may stop her from disclosing it straight away, so be patient,” said VOCAL’s Kerrie Thompson. Picture: Max Mason-HubersFRIENDS, neighbours and colleagues of women suspected to be inabusive relationships have been encouraged to forget about minding their own business and “break the silence” instead.
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Victims of Crime Assistance League senior victims support specialist Kerrie Thompson said people who knew awoman subjected to violence often felt unsure about intervening and confused about what to say.

“But it’s really important to have the conversation that you’re concerned about them,” Ms Thompson said.

“It’s about breaking the silence.That conversation might just be the thing she needs to hear to see that someone else has recognised what’s been happening and that there is someone she can trust who will help.

“Saying‘I’m worried about you, are you OK?’ is a good place to start,to show that you’re concerned about her and the situation you believe she’s in.”At the same time,Ms Thompson said, those broaching the topic needed to be prepared for the woman to either not know how to respond, or to become defensive, and to not take herreactionpersonally.

“You might be the first person who has asked her about the abuse and she may be oppressed,” she said.

“She may have been threatened with harm to her, her children, her family or pets if she speaks out.

“Keep checking in with her, saying ‘How are you going? I’m here for you’ and let her know that when she’s ready to talk in the future you’re there to help.

“But most importantly, when you do have that conversation, listen to her without judgement and help her know it’s not her fault.”

Ms Thompson said many women had been subjected to a complicated pattern of violent behaviour they couldn’t make sense of and were often “scratching their heads” about whether acting differently could have prevented the abuse.

She said peoplecould give the woman telephone numbers for theNational Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service (1800 RESPECT) andDomestic Violence Line (1800 656 463).

They can alsocontact VOCAL for brochures about specialised services applicable to the woman’ssituation, including housing and financial support. VisitHunter Stadium on September 3 to stand up against violence.Register:mycause南京夜网419论坛/events/1000people1voice

Staying safe before leavingIT could be as simple as a woman parking on the street instead of in the driveway,so she can not be blocked from leaving.

VOCAL’s Kerrie Thompsonrecommended any woman who feared for her and her children’s immediate well-being to call Triple Zero and leavestraight away.

But she said any woman considering leaving could create their own “safety plan” now, providing it doesn’t raise alarm bells and put them at risk.

She said a woman couldleave her handbag in a quick-to-reach spot; send copies ofimportant documents to a friend; and forwardabusive texts or emails elsewherein case their phone was damaged.

Eastlakes Family Support Service’s Roz Smee suggested havinga“safe word” and sending it via text to a friendif they needed them to call Triple Zero; hiding spare car keys and setting up a secret bank account if possible.

“But trust your gut instinct –if you don’t feel comfortable, if things are going to escalate and not going to end well, get out of that house,” Ms Thompson said.

If possible, women should have a neighbour,family member or safe space where they could go anytime.

The Stumblin’ Wilburys back for one night

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Reunion: Frankie J Holden, Andy O’Donnell, Garry Carson Jones, Pol O’Shea, David Crowden and Ken Vatcher have amazing on stage chemistry as the Stumblin’ WilburysMerimbula will come alive on Saturday, August 27, when the Stumblin’ Wilburys reform for a onenight only reunion performance with their fantastic energetic show Back from the Wilburyness.
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Showcasing the hits of super group The Travelling Wilburys and their megastar members – GeorgeHarrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan – this will be a night of great fun that isnot to bemissed.

Frankie J Holden, Andy O’Donnell, Garry Carson Jones, Pol O’Shea, David Crowden and Ken Vatcherestablished an amazing chemistry when Frankie J put the band together severalyears ago, back in 2009.

It all started primarily for them to perform atSapphire Rock and a string of other sell out gigs to help raise funds for the Pambula Swimming Poolin conjunction with the Rotary Club of Pambula.

These gigs were so successful that the club was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to put towards enclosing the pool, now known as the Sapphire Coast Aquatic Centre.

Other performances followed and soon the band became a firmfavourite with audiences whenever and wherever they played on the Sapphire Coast.

Great musicianship and great vocals combined with a swag of megahits ensure that the dance flooris always full whenever the Stumblin’ Wilburys play.

They will be playing all the The Travelling Wilburys big hits such as End of the Line and Handle with Care.

This is a special reunion gig and is the only one planned, so don’t miss out, who knows if the Stumblin’ Wilburys will ever grace out shores and take to the stage again.

This is the perfect event to get a big group of friends together tosing, dance, laughand have a great night out while listening to some fantastic ‘old school’ hits.

Tickets are $25 per person and you can book yours at Club Sapphire, Merimbula, either at the cluborby calling 6495 1306.

This is event is for people over the age of 18 only.

Doors open at 8pm and the music and entertainment will start not long after.

Don’t miss this chance to see theStumblin’ Wilburys come out of the Wilburyness for onegreat show, this Saturday night, August 27 at Club Sapphire.

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Weekend planner August 26-28

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Bel Canto choir: Students from Tacking Point Public School audition to be part of this musical group which will perform on Sunday at the Uniting Church Port Macquarie, along with Edgecliff Prep Singers, Cantorus and Rose Wilson.FRIDAY
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ARIA Hall of Famer Glenn Shorrock performs at Laurieton United Services Club on Saturday at 8pm. Tickets are $35 at the door.

CMNC Concert: Carol Irving & students clarinet & sax recital,Glasshouse, 12.30pm, free

Geoff Jones:Port City Bowling Club, 7.30pm, free

Gotcha Covered:Panthers Port Macquarie, 7.30pm, free

Glasshouse Regional Gallery:Old stories, New Light; Back Yard;Inside the Line; Now If What Then; open Fri-Sun, 10am-4pm


Wauchope Farmers’ Market: Wauchope Showground, 8am-1pm

Orchid & Bromeliad Show: Panthers, 9am-5pm

Film: The Women Who Were Never There, Wauchope Arts Community Hall, 6pm, donation

La Vive Studios Showstoppers: Glasshouse, 6pm, $18-$25 or family $70

Hastings Cancer Trust Trivia: Iona Centre, St Columba Anglican School, 7pm-10pm, $10, byo

Echo Beach:Panthers, 7.30pm, free

Danny Havo & The Vindicators:Port City Bowling Club, 7.30pm, free

Basement Sessions: DJs Nathan Healey,Tim Helmy, Port Panthers,8pm, $10

Glenn Shorrock: LUSC Laurieton,8pm, $35


Port Macquarie Art Society Market: Hamilton House, 198 Hastings River Drive, 8am-1pm

Artist Market in the Vines: Cassegrain Winery, 764 Fernbank Creek Road, 9am-3pm

Orchid & Bromeliad Show:Panthers, 9am-3pm

Heavenly Voices: Edegecliff Prep Singers, Bel Canto, Cantorus, Rose Wilson, Uniting Church Port Macquarie, 2pm, $10-$20

DJ Nigel Head:Flynns Beach Surf Club, 2pm, free

Robyn & Andy Blackmore:The Westport Club, 2pm, free

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Addressing skill shortages

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NEW SKILLS: Holden senior HR manager Jamie Getgood (left), Porthaul Forestry’s James Williamson, AFPA SA state manager Clare Scriven, City of Mount Gambier CEO Mark McShane, Department of State Development automotive transitions team’s Alan Sibbons and RDA Limestone Coast chair Richard Vickery at the recent meeting.The forestry industry across the Green Triangle Regionhas expanded rapidly over the last fiveyears with an estimated doubling of harvest operations during that time. It is anticipated this expansion will continue through until 2025.
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With the forestry and transport sectors employing more than 18,000 people and generating a conservative figure of $790 million in economic activity, they are significant contributors to the regions economy and it is estimated there will be an additional 550 jobs created across these two sectors by the end of 2016.

In June 2015, Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast Inc successfully received funding from the Department of State Development’s Skills for Jobs in Regions Strategic Employment Fund, to deliver a Forest Industry Employment Project (FIEP).

This project provides a co-contribution subsidy for employers to up-skill truck drivers and harvester operators and is just one of the initiatives being instigated to address known skills shortages in the forestry industry due to this rapid expansion and an ageing workforce.

The FIEP is driven by a Steering Committee that includes experienced industry representatives that have a vast knowledge of the issues and opportunities.

In addition to this work around upskilling, the committee are also conscious of the opportunity to attract workers from the automotive sector and other allied industries, that are currently experiencing downsizing, particularly where there are transferable skill sets.

Local forest industry employers and other regional stakeholders recently participated in an information evening organised by the SA Branch of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA-SA) with representatives from Holden and the State Government’s Automotive Transitions Team.

The Limestone Coast region is a great place to raise a family with low cost living,affordable, quality housing for purchase or rent,endless sporting and recreational activities,mild climates,extensive shopping facilitiesand plentiful beaches and natural assets.

RDALC, the FIEP Steering Committeeand Local and State Government representatives are collaboratively working to ensure this region is effectively represented as a great place to live and work at an upcoming Holden expo in Adelaide.

They are also developing initiatives to ensure we have processes in place to link suitably skilled workers with identified job opportunities.

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Hawks title defence is a matter of defence

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Captain coach and five-eighth: Dave McGrady led the Warriors to a maiden year minor premiership and will now try to create history when he leads his side out in the Group 19 grand final at Inverell. Photo: Rachel Holmes
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Inverell might be heading into their third straight Group 19 grand final, althoughit will be their first at home in 16 years when they host minor premiers Boggabilla on Sunday.

In 2000the Hawks took out all three grades at home, and some of that side will form part of a huge crowd at Varley Oval on Sunday as the Hawks look for two more premierships with thejuniors meeting Ashfordin the second game.

While the Warriors finished on top it is the reigning premiers that might have the slight advantage afterpipping Macintyrein the major semifinal,although president and coach Garry Lavender believes there is nothing between the two sides.

“Every time we have played them it has taken until the final minute for me to be able to take a breath,” Lavender said.

“Finals are a different game and a different competition.”

“Whoever turns up with the rightattitude on theday will take the chocolates.”

The semi-final ended up being 33-20, although was a lot closer than that, and the Hawks learnt plenty from keeping the minor premiers scoreless in the second half, after trailing into the break.

“We have been working on our defensive pattern for the last few weeks,” Lavender said.

“We need to control the ball, complete sets and do the simple things that win football games.”

“In the second half ofthe semi they had more possesion and we kept them scoreless after they out-enthused us in the first half.”

The Hawks have had to make one change to the side that won the major final, high school winger Brad Hickman picked up an injury in an Inverell High side that recorded a big PSSA win during the week.

Hickmanwill be replaced by reserve grade flyer Leroy Davis, who will have a big job to do keeping up with the Warriors outside speedsters.

“They probably have us out wide so we have to contain them in the middle and control it,” Lavender said.“You can’t relax against them.”

Skipper Guy Mepham is an old hand at controlling big games, and his goal kicking andkicking in play from dummy half is equally as important to the Hawks chances as his leadership and direction is tothe young side, whose average playing age this season is just 22.

Nick Hodges and Alex McCosker have both also been there and done it before and will also be looked to on the field on Sunday.

“For a young side they have done so well this season,” Lavender said.“You are under the pump every week when you try and go back to back but we have just gone about our business and now we get a shot at it.”

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