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WOW what fantastic news. NSW has banned greyhound racing (abuse). Now for the rest of the states to follow suit. Congratulations to Mike Baird for standing up for the thousands of abused greyhounds.
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Jill Larsen,Collingwood ParkI HOPE you’ve got plenty of room at Macquarie Street Mr Baird – you might have a lot of new pets to look after next year.

Darren Sparks,North LambtonMIKE Baird stated in Parliament that closing down the greyhounds is what the people of NSW wanted. Well if you’re so sure put it to a vote and let the people decide.

Ron Patterson,WyeeIN my opinion, the homeless people should be able to stay at the post office until the day before renos, upgrade or demolition starts. They are hurting no one and at least they have a roof over their heads.

Graeme Bennett,Warners BayWELL Premier Mike Baird has managed to get his legislation to ban greyhound racing through Parliament. While I do not condone the use of live baiting or ill-treatment of greyhounds, I believe that the majority is being punished for the sins of the minority (but doesn’t that happen most of the time). So many people are about to lose their incomes and join the dole queues. So much for “jobs n growth”.

Beverly Page,Adamstown HeightsSHOULD the Turnbull government eventually get around to conducting the same-sex marriage plebiscite, why not make it a double bunger? It would be a great time to include another vital question as to whether the Australian people support having the choice of a medically-assisted death for those with terminal illnesses.If not, then maybe when the next Census is conducted. I’m sure the government would like to be fiscally responsible.

Paul Sutcliffe,Fern BayI THINK Mike Baird is destroying NSW. He needs to go. I also find it hard to watch the overhead walkway from the Brewery to the mall being pulled down – it is almost as hard as watching the Sydney Entertainment Centre being dismantled.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldTHE POLLSSHOULD there be a suspension of all excavation works on the Williamtown RAAF Baseuntil an investigation has been carried out?

Yes 74.4%,No 25.6%SHOULD families exercise together?

Yes 100%,No 0%HASthe government’s privatisation agenda become out of control?

Yes 89.5%,No 10.5%MESSAGEBOARDON Sunday, September 4, Newcastle Memorial Parkis hosting a service to honour the men who will be missing from this year’s Father’s Day celebrations. It is from 10am at theNewcastle Memorial Park – North Chapel,176 Anderson Drive, Beresfield, with complimentary refreshments to follow.

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